About Andy

Hello and welcome to the eyefood photography blog. My name is Andy Rasheed; I have been heavily addicted to taking photos for more than half my life and for the last 16 years I have been lucky enough to be a self-employed freelance photographer. As a specialist location photographer, I travel light and think on my feet, responding to what I am seeing. Knowing that regardless of what I am presented with there is a strong image, just waiting. My aim with this blog is to share my philosophies and approach to being a photographer.

This is a jargon free zone.

By interrogating the “essence” of an idea my hope is that I can present concepts in a way, that in the time it takes you to read a post the information sticks. Once you know the principals of what to consider and how to actually drive a camera you are in a position to self propel your learning.

Please subscribe and get involved; it would be great to hear your comments or suggestions of topics you are interested in.

I am available for personally tailored, individual and group master classes as well as on site corporate training sessions. Interstate and international folk can book in for a personalised class via Skype.

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Income from my photography feeds my children so please respect copyright of works and text.

I hope you enjoy.

Cheers, Andy