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The Joy of Doing.

September 13, 2012

Finding joy should be the primary objective in at least some aspects of our lives. In this post want to look at the potential of finding other skills or a hobby that you participate in simply for the pleasure of doing. Setting out with the view of being engaged is the fundamental goal and if you create something of merit it’s an added bonus… a tonic for the Happy Gland!








I attribute “youthfulness” to being inquisitive and not being afraid to have a go at a task. However, as adults, entering into a new area of interest can be daunting. We can have very set views of our capabilities and undersell our personal potential rather than having a go at something new. How we are, or have been, characterized by the people around us (family, teachers, colleagues and friends) strongly influences our perception of our strengths and weaknesses. I think we are all guilty at times of assuming that we know the limits of our capabilities based on other peoples opinions of our abilities.

So of all of the options available to us, how do we know which things to try out to see what we might enjoy doing? My tack is trying out heaps of different stuff. True, we will never be good at everything that may pique our interest but if we try a variety of new skills, getting past the basic rudiments, we are at least in a position to make an informed decision about which skills bought us the most pleasure and what we want to pursue learning.

Give it a fair chance! By a “fair chance” I mean a blend of the following;

Get out of your way! If you say “I’m not good at ……” enough times, you will believe it. You must be entering into the task with enough self-belief to have a reasonable opportunity to succeed.

Everyone learns differently! Your best teacher might be a person, a book or magazine, an online forum or video. It’s whatever/whoever can convey the essence of the ideas in a manner that resonates with you personally. Any method that works for you is valid.

Put in sufficient time to grasp the basics! Look at the big picture. Even if you can only manage five to ten minutes everyday you can make significant progress doing anything over time and you are constantly touching base with something that brings you joy.

Being at the “beginning” is a place of great rewards as everything is in front of you. Once you recognise your potential the possibilities generate excitement and the momentum that comes from being inspired pushes you along. Not only does inspiration feed your drive to continue, but the energy of being around inspired people is contagious!











I believe finding real happiness is the key to a great life and that comes with a combination of healthy relationships and setting up meaningful activities and experiences in our day-to-day lives, not waiting but doing. We control how much happiness is in our lives by the choices we make. It largely comes down to with whom and how we choose to spend our time.


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